Essau's Family Transport!

Fully Insured

Essau’s Family Transport is perhaps the only operator out there that actually keeps the promise of protecting your goods at all costs. Our drivers, trucks, and every other piece of equipment are fully insured so that you can rest assured!

The insurance covers every single aspect of the transport.

We value your peace of mind, and that’s why we spend the big bucks in making sure that you are covered at all times! 

Essau’s Family Transport is a fully professional entity that has more returning customers than our competitors, and our goodwill and care for customers is the reason we thrive in this competitive market.

Once you hand over your goods to our workers, they are fully covered by insurance until they reach the destination and are carefully collected. During the entire process, we are fully responsible for taking care of your goods, and you can rest assured that we’ll do a great job!

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